Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

Why yes... I'm not 4 weeks late on a post for once! :)  I plan to come back to some other things I skipped... in time!

Today was Valentine's Day!
We started it off with cheesy gifts to the hubs... i.e. "You're all that and a bag of chips" taped to a bag of twisted Fritos, and maybe a tag tied to a Sobe' beverage that said "I will SO BE you're Valentine." 

I can't help myself.

The kiddos slept a bit later than normal, but Burke was the first to awake. 
He was thrilled to find a new Fly Guy book and none other than a stuffed Fly Guy for his very own keeping. :)
Currently he is sleeping with him, in a make-shift sock sleeping bag. So cute!

Sister also received a book and a "una-corn" stuffed animal. :) 
Love at first sight.

Heart shaped doughnuts for the win with pink milk!

We then got ready for the Fairytale Ball!

B's school does this every year on Valentines Day. This year I feel like it was so good... all we had to do was send in 5$ instead of making or bringing party food and decor! It was perfectly done.

Burke requested to be a knight.

He also refused to use the matching shield that came with the set... I pick my battles these days. :)

Haha... sister wanted to be a part too!

Onto the ball!

(A forced slow dance.... )

Sister was really eyeing all the pretty girls in their dresses. 

She soon found her way in. lol

Loving every minute with the big girls!

She also made a really cute little girlfriend and I saw a glimpse of middle school. #toosoon

Burke lasted for about an hour and then he was danced out. :)

His sweet class (plus one's sister :)

And Hylan Marie found a precious little buddy.

They were basically inseparable. lol Sometimes you just get each other, you know?

I learned that Burke likes choreography more than free style. :) 

He adored the Cupid Shuffle. :) 

After it was said and done... He basically hung out with some snacks or chased people around with his shield (good thing Mrs. Meade took up his sword. lol)

My Valentines!

HM and her new friend!

Love it!

This year has been wonderful with Mrs. Meade!

Love my boy!

When Ryan got home, he hand delivered 12 long stemmed roses and a Valentine for his little girl too. :)

We headed to church for Ash Wednesday. It was a great service and reminder of what the season on Lent is about.
A funny... upon talking with Burke about Lent and what it was about, I shared with him what I was going to be "giving up" in order to make me reflect daily about what God sacrificed for us... well, at first he thought I was fixing to ask him to give up something... like his toys. Once I explained mine (giving up my phone in the evening hours between 5-9pm), and Ryan explained his (no cokes), he thought for a minute... and said "I've got it! I will give up school for 40 days! Yes! That's it!" hahaha!

Good try, buddy. 

I hope everyone felt loved yesterday!


  1. Aww so cute! beautiful family..I can see you are really the sweetest mother they could ask for! <3

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