Saturday, December 5, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Last weekend we set out with GREAT intentions on getting our Christmas tree!

We are real tree people. I never had an artificial tree growing up (mind you we didn't always cut it down ourselves... maybe because my brother fell on the saw and we had to go to the emergency room... #truestory) so we often got the Marvin's special, but it was real and always smelled like pine when you walked in the door.

Sunday, we attended church in Alex City, then headed to pick up a quick lunch before making our way to the Christmas in Dixie in Hollins. 

Of course... there is no such thing as a quick lunch with an infant and 3 year old in tow, but we were in no rush and we all shared a GINORMOUS Frosty. :)

Two hours later... :)
As soon as we began walking to the farm we spotted Santa!

He wasn't here last year, so it was a treat. :) Burke mumbled/rambled for five minutes about what he wanted for Christmas and said thank you for his candy-cane, before we went on our tree hunting venture.

Then we left the premises.

Without a tree.

It was my fault, but you should know that we had one from this farm last year... and it was pretty... just not what I am used to my Christmas trees looking like. Ryan accused me of liking fake trees that people paint browning needles green to get you to buy them at the Depot. (Please tell me they don't do that?!)

Anyway, Burke was a little crushed, but we promised him that the next day we would meet Daddy at Old Baker Farm to pick out mommy's ideal tree. ;) (Because I had already done my research by the time we got back to the car and was assured by the internet that they had Frasier Furs. :)

So the next day, Ryan took off early and we headed to get Hylan's first tree. :)

This is also the place we had Christmas pictures taken!
Burke LOVED running through the trees. 

After debating between a "fat" vs. "skinny" tree... we went with skinny.
Here she is!

(Oh, what? Do you notice it's not a Frasier Fur??? They had them.... but they were pre-cut and shipped in from North Carolina. #notonthewebsite However, THIS tree is really similar ... I forget the name, but it's beautiful in person!)

When you ask Burke to smile at the camera he likes to add hand motions, his tongue, look anywhere BUT the camera. haha


We were really excited about how straight the trunk was... since ALL trees we've cut down since we were married have basically have had to be tied to the ceiling. ;)

We got home, ate pizza from Giovanni's on Christmas China :), and put her up!

It was kinda tiny. ha!
We should have went with the fat tree I suppose, but other than it's size, it's perfect! Something to consider next year (on top of the crooked tree thing).Thankfully this year, I'm mostly putting soft or  non-breakable ornaments on it that we've collected (with an exception of the special ones on the top), since sister is on the move, so we don't miss the extra ornament space this year. There would be NO WAY they would all fit if I tried!

My favorite part was when Burke asked to put the star on top.
It was the sweetest.

Then everyone went to bed and I decorated. lol
I just know that I will have a few helpers in a few years!

Christmas decor post coming soon!
I just love this time of year!

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