Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Not that she hasn't been growing for the last 10 months, but this girl seemed to change from an infant to such a big girl overnight last week.

She loves to share (for now)... toys, food, ... you name it, she loves to see you take and enjoy something she is "giving" you.

And this is how she keeps up with Burke...
grabs a mode of transportation and she is golden. :)

This past Thursday Shireen, Hylan, and I went to Christmas Village while Burke went to school and then hung out with PaPa. 
It was my first time ever and boy was it crazy!
So many cute things!

We mostly took in the sights, bought a few things (note to self- buy ALL HM's festive outfits here next season), and get a babysitter until the wee one has legs that want to shop too... because whew... navigating a stroller in there ain't easy! I wore her most the time, so we should have left it in the car anyway. We had so much fun! We also ran into Julie (who brought me new-to-me MJ goodies! WHoohoo!) and Dana, and my sweet high school friend, Misty! Unfortunately, I have no pictures from our reuniting. :/

Other highlights from the weekend...

Meeting this sweet girl and catching up with her momma.

Marley Kate is just precious and Cassie and I had so much to talk about since both of us can relate to one another right now. :) We laughed at the fact that they choose to sleep most of our visit. ;)

We visited grandparents.

Celebrated my Dad's birthday...
complete with a Mickey Mouse balloon that Burke thought PawPaw HAD to have (then he somehow kept it). 

Aunt Sharon got to come!
We did the lemon experiment...
She gave a few good faces and then had to shake it off with a big shiver at the end. :)

 These two love our babies... and they LOVE them!
We got lots of good time spent with Jon and Magan this weekend!

And before leaving Saturday, we had to hang out one more time with the sweetest people ever...

It's always so hard to say bye. :(

(Hylan wondering what in the world he has on his head.)

I don't blame you, sister.
War Eagle, right?

We then headed to Birmingham with mom and Magan in search of a few things to finish off their winter wardrobe... none of which were found. lol... so I'm really glad that I had four other hands to help me wrangle the munchkins or my nerves might have been spent. :)

However, it was a successful trip in the little's eyes...
Food court lunch and a carousel ride for the win.

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