Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Birthday madness

I had all intentions on writing yesterday, but unfortunately I had a stomach bug. Yeah... I'm pretty sure it's worse being sick on your child's birthday than it is on your own. When Burke woke up I managed to hold everything together so we could all do a little celebrating...

I love his many facial expressions. :)

Loving his new crayons and big picture pages.

This is when I knew things were going to be bad...
Soooo we set a record of how many Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes can be watched in one day. Thankfully daddy came home mid afternoon to help us (because believe me... we needed help.)

After a long nap, shower, and no more sickness, we were able to make it to LaCosta... mainly because we thought it would be fun to see Burke's expression when random people came up singing the birthday song to him...


Not exactly the response we thought he would have. :)

Even though the only person actually to consume Mexican food was Ryan (Burke got chicken nuggets and I a plate of rice), it was much needed to get out of the house and celebrate the big three year old!

We stopped by Dairy Queen on the way home (because what's a birthday without cake and ice cream?!) Well... the cupcakes were iced... but never decorated, so we improvised and put candles on his ice cream. :)

This past weekend we also celebrated Burke and other loved ones in our life that share the same birth week!

Shireen had gotten special cupcakes made for each of the special occasions. Here were Burke's.

Danielle- March 3rd, Stacy and Burke- March 2nd, Tim and Billy- February 26th, and NaNa and PapPap's 60th wedding anniversary was the 26th as well!

He loves to blow out candles...and have the birthday song sung to him... in English. :)

Later that night... he was a live wire. I guess it was the sweets, but he's consumed quite the amount of sugar before and I've never seen him so wild! This was be telling him to calm down and sit...

Hylan was not amused either.

Sweet cousins... and Uncle Tim's fingers

So many milestone birthday's and anniversary's to celebrate:

The happy couple... 60 years later!

Billy turned 60!

Stacy turns 50!

This birthday will not be forgotten- for it carries many memories (many unwanted) by me. Hopefully he will only be scared by the mariachi band... Nonetheless, he is THREE! I can't believe it.
Burke's two year post and Hylan Marie's two month post coming soon!

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