Monday, February 24, 2014

Circus Bizircus

Last week we went to the circus! We were originally supposed to go a week prior, but the snow changed our plans a bit.
So Barium and Bailey added a show for last Monday night for the victims of the Snow-Jam. How nice of them! What wasn't nice? How long I was on the phone trying to do what apparently half of Atlanta was also doing... trying to buy tickets for that show!

Finally, they were bought for Monday at 7:00pm, the last show!

We picked Ryan up at 5:00 to grab a bite to eat. The boy loves some Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets.

 I originally bought a parking pass for the deck at Philips arena with our original tickets, but they were sold out for Monday night already. We found parking pretty close for half the price ($6), and had to walk through Centennial Park... which was added fun. Sweet.

We went to the pre-show. It starts an hour before the circus. It's a definite must with little ones. You get to see the elephants (or E's as Burke calls them... this is because in all his alphabet books, guess what is beside the letter E?) :) and acrobats super close, see the clowns, Chick-fil-a cow, get temporary tattoos, get free clown noses, dance and sing... and all for free with the price of admission.

We had great seats! Burke was totally into it. 

About 30 minutes in I thought he was about to fall asleep! Thank goodness he didn't, because he would have missed the crazy man that got in the ring with all these tigers.

I was just waiting for the worst.

Thank goodness we all lived.

Then this happened. Right above our head.
There are no words.

The E's

The grand finale!
You can't possibly watch everything that's going on here. 

Despite the apparent clown shortage in our nation, I would go for his job. Awesomeness.

We had a GREAT time. I have memories of going to this circus as a kid, and loving it. Burke won't remember this (which will call for a return trip in the future), but hey... we will have the memory of bringing him and watching his face light up (all without the price of having to buy him a ticket). Gotta love being under 2... at least for one more week!

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