Sunday, December 30, 2012

Burke's 1st Christmas

                                                Needless to say this Christmas was special.

                                                          (Lil Santa infront of our tree)

It was Burke's first taste of the excitement and festivities surrounding Jesus's birth and our first time to experience it as parents. 

We left home the Saturday before Christmas to make a family gathering on my mom's side of the family that afternoon.


Burke looks flushed right? :( Poor baby ended up running 104.0 fever that afternoon! This was the first big fever he's ever had, and it scared me. That night was terrible. The fever was up and down, he vomited twice, and started shaking because of the chills he was getting as a result of the fever. Not cool. We went to the E.R.

After many doses of Motrin and Tylenol + an antibiotic, a happy healthy baby was found.

Photo: Bama Christmas...♥♡♥♡

From there we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve service on Monday night, and many Christmas celebrations with family and friends.
Here are more photos to sum up Burke's 1st Christmas. 

Burke and Cade Christmas Eve Night...

Mom, Dad, Burke, and  Buddy :)


                                                          Lookin up to Uncle Jon

Family shot. Look how cute that boy is! Geez...

Showing his unwrapping skills... I wrapped a few empty diaper boxes for practice the day before. :)

                                                               Having fun in the box,

                                                      and LOVING the wrapping paper!

Burke, Ree, Cade, and PaPa in front of one of the MANY awesome Christmas trees Shireen decorated

                                               The Bartlett Family Tacky Sweater Par-Tay. :)

So Blessed.

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