Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Latest

Life has been consumed with taking pictures of....

and more...

which means little time has been spent on the house.... as it should be. :)

However, we have spent some time distracted from the adorable face above. Doing what you ask?

Just ripping up concrete and digging holes...

Trying to complete this unfinished puzzle...

and replacing a dishwasher.

Here are the most up to date photos.
New Dishwasher! (So glad this is in before Burke starts solids...)

I like that the controls are hidden...
 In this picture you can see out the french doors on to the ALMOST COMPLETED deck. :) Ryan got me a grill you see for part of my birthday present. Yes, this excites me because it means Ryan gets to do the cooking! :)
 Here you see the unfinished deck, and custom table Ryan is building. It leads to the upper deck. 

Hopefully before school starts the deck will be finished and the stone puzzle will be complete. :)

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