Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Favorites!

This Friday I would like to "Shout out" to two things I've found I love this week...
Meet Shout Color Catcher!

You just throw one of these babies in the washing machine (even our energy efficient one!) and let that little sheet worry about separating the white from the color clothes! Now, I do wash a "white-whites" load with our sheets, Ryan's undershirts, and anything else stark white all by their lonesome, but for those loads where you think... Should I wash my hot pick tee with those pale yellow shorts?... the answer is now "YES!"

My other new favorite thing was also in the picture above: crackle nail polish! 
All you do is paint one or two coats of your favorite nail color, then paint on a THICK coat of the crackle nail polish (I found that if you do it thinly it just looks like smudges), and finally top it off with a clear top coat. 
It is so much fun!
I got my crackle nail polish at Sally's, but many drug stores have it.

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