Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday's Favorites... it's blinding!

Do you have any stainless steal appliances?

We do, and ever since we took them out of the box January I have been contemplating on how to clean them. I was afraid to use regular surface cleaner, but finally broke down and thought... "Windex can't hurt"... I was wrong. Repeat after me, "DON'T USE WINDEX ON STAINLESS STEAL!" You're probably thinking... "Bless her heart" in which us Southerners throw out there when we feel sorry for someone, or when someone makes a dumb decision (no pointing fingers my way! :), but hey... I'm a new homeowner ... give me a break.

So meet Friday's Favorite:
This is liquid magic. I bought it at Best Buy. The lady who sold it to me told me this is what keeps their appliances in such eye appealing condition.

Not one fingerprint or smudge in sight! (This excites me! Sad right?)
All you do is spray it on an old tee shirt or cloth (anything soft), wipe it on and wipe off!
With that... I'll leave you with... Mr. Miyagi

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