Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doors and more!

This past weekend's focus:
Nope... didn't happen.
*Disclaimer* We were too busy trying to say warm via electric blanket and our dog Bailey, to get out of our pj's until 11:00! Then we ran important errands... get the air compressor fixed (thanks Ace Hardware!), grocery shopped, and made a trip to the depot...
by the end of the day, Ryan was able to put up two door frames, and we called it a day. Yes, I was disappointed in our progress for having a whole Saturday off.... but as the preacher would say on Andy Griffith Show, "Slow down, take it easy.... WHAT'S YOUR HURRY?!" :)

Sunday: CHURCH and MORE DOORS???
Have you ever refurbished doors? Well... it takes a few steps... starting with the handy husband that is able to take them off the painted over hinges. :)
1) Take off old hardware
2) Then they have to marinate really well in a garage (until you are ready to tackle the next steps...) ha!
3) Sand them down
4) Clean them
5) Repaint
6) Make frames and door stops- click HERE to see the how-to.

Ryan put the most important door frames and doors up the day we moved in- the bedroom and bathroom door. And the rest had to wait... believe it or not, they were not a priority!

I will let Ryan post about how to get old refurbished doors to fit into newly built door frames. Can we say shave a little of the top... and the side... and the other side... ha! I really have no idea how he knows how to do all this stuff.

Did I mention I have an extremely handy husband?

Later that day...I wanted the yard to look better:
The porch and yard was littered with debis from the demo, and materials we have used when rebuilding... and then I got to looking at the overgrown, "is there really a walkway there?" sidewalk that leads to our front door.

Here's the before: this reminded me of the blizzard we had when I was a kid in 93', except with pinestraw.

It was at least 4-5 inches deep in some places... no joke.

and the after:
Much better, right?! I only used a large dust pan, gloves, and those big, brown bags you can get from HD or and hardware store. I used 7 just on the area by the steps... oh, man.

Now... what to do with a yard that has no grass... only dirt, ivy, and pinestraw... hmmmm.

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  1. Whew!! You guys are hard at work. Sounds like getting those doors just right was a time consuming task. But I bet they look wonderful!
    About the sidewalk. I didn't know it was even there! I thought you just had steps up the porch and up the side of the driveway. Looks great now. Did you get some advice from the Nursery about what to plant? Wish I could come help you in the yard. I love that stuff even though I haven't even got a green pinky let alone a green thumb!